Clinton Todd

Lithography, Relief, Intaglio, Monoprint

Clinton is currently achieving his Bachelor in Fine Arts at York University by 2018. He previously graduated from Georgian College in Barrie from the Fine Arts Advanced program in 2015 and the Art and Design Fundamentals program in 2012.

Printmaking has a beautiful connection and relationship with hand and machine. Finding the right pressure and physical aspect of really connecting to a piece of paper, ink, plate or stone to experiment and to create consistency relates to how we as humans communicate with one another in life. By living much time in the studio and focusing on the little but crucial details in the processes. Printmaking is a very cognitive, rhythmic and delicate experience, which is really enjoyable.

In the studio, the printing press, roller and printmaker are one. Adapting together and caring for prints producing fine, engaging, and innovative images and forms. As of now, I have produced works that are mainly abstract, looking at line work and gestural mark making. Creating these compositions, colour, rainbow rolls and transparencies come up a lot as I like the blend of shapes and overlays created within that make new, intriguing spaces that are quite magical. Looking at these relationships of form and shape, they are foremost essential as they may influence and create new insight to the proceeding marks, etchings and pulls through the press.