Jeanette Luchese

Intaglio, Monoprints, Monotypes, Collographs, Serigraph

I am inspired by the mindfulness of the process and drawn to the limitation and difficulties within printmaking that allow machine facilitated errors that although not intended become essential elements. Embroiled in abstraction and prone to experimentation I gravitate to the freedom of monoprints/monotypes as transference techniques. The additions of embellishments and or hand interjection alongside the use of non-traditional matrixes satisfy my obsession of allowing to risk all.

Jeanette Luchese is a practicing maker, professional graphic designer/art director, and mom residing in Innisfil, Ontario. A first generation Italian Canadian creating within the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, poetry and when so moved transcribing the results to sound. A Graduate of School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College and Sheridan College School of Design. Exhibiting Internationally.

Layered Translations, 2010, Intaglio, Monoprint, Debossed : Hand interjected- Photographic dyes, chalk pastel, graphite and acrylic
, 25” x 25”