Kim Brett

Serigraphy, Intaglio, Relief, Monotype

Kim Brett works in contemporary printmaking, painting and conceptual
art practices. She studied Fine Arts and Communications and attended
Georgian College, the University of Lethbridge, the University of Calgary
and at AUArts. Kim was awarded the Fine Arts Scholarship at Georgian, and
the John Clark Scholarship at the UofL which included a residency at the Gushul Studio.

Brett’s art examines our shared experiences of form and colour in relation
to consumable objects that are used and disposed of. She believes the
intrinsically mechanical nature of the printed artwork complements her
choice of imagery. There is a superficial playfulness and often absurd nature
to her work that is a creative ground for exploring iconography and conceptual narratives.

Her most recent prints reflect her concerns about the mass-distributed
modality of home, health and materialism.