Saturday, February 8, 2020 from 10am - 4pm
Workshop: Inking it Over - Monotype Printmaking with Kim Brett

Create a one of a kind image using drawing and painting techniques on a smooth surface that will be printed on paper. We’ll use brushes, rollers, stencils, and mark-making tools with printing inks on a monotype plate to produce vibrant and unique images that you can bring home with you. Monotype printing can produce unpredictable results that are certain to surprise and intrigue. Ideal for participants with beginner, intermediate and advanced printmaking experience. The cost is $85.00 which includes all materials. Bring your own lunch on Saturday as we’ll stop for a break at noon.

Wednesday, March 11 from 6pm - 8pm and Saturday, March 14 from 10am - 3pm (this is a two-part workshop)
Workshop: Building Textures - Collagraph Printmaking with Kim Brett

Collagraphy is an easy and enjoyable way of creating stunning prints with colour and texture. Build a printing plate using fabrics, string and various materials assembled in a collage manner to create prints with surprising tones and textures. This two-part workshop begins with building your own collagraph plate and, after allowing the adhesive to dry, we return to print 3 or 4 unique and exciting pieces. Ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced printmakers. The cost is $90.00 and all materials will be provided. Participants are welcome to bring their own fabric, lace or other textured materials that can be glued to a mat board surface and safely printed. Bring your own lunch on Saturday as we will stop for a break at noon.


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