Tamara Benoit

Lithography, Relief, Intaglio

Printmaking is the art of drawing combined with science and technology - a blend which keeps both sides of my brain engaged. Prints are the result of delicate collaboration between the artist, the process, and the printing press which makes the resulting marks uniquely satisfying for me.

Whether I choose to examine figuration or nature, my work has always been deeply personal and driven by a need to capture the essence of my subject and record the inherent qualities that originally compelled me to explore it.

Tamara was raised in North Bay, Ontario and spent many summers on her grandparents’ farm in Cookstown, Ontario. Having studied drawing and painting with Ernest Taylor she gained an opportunity to further explore studio arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Tamara graduated from the Creative Arts program at Georgian College where she majored in drawing and printmaking and has been the Technician in the printmaking studio for more than twenty-five years.